Family Law

Our family law department has extensive experience in a variety of legal issues related to the field including divorce, custody, evidentiary arrangements, alimony, division of property, mediation and dispute resolution within the family, joint parenting, wills, inheritance orders, the appointment of a guardian over body and property, continuing power of attorney and more.

In addition to drafting agreements, power of attorney, and wills made while maintaining the interests of clients and the integrity of documents to prevent future disputes, the attorneys specialize in representing in family courts and rabbinical courts and work to maximize results for our clients, saving time and money.

All Solutions Under One Roof:

Understanding that family and inheritance matters often require receiving services from other professionals, our firm has developed a comprehensive and extensive set of collaborations with many professionals who work in areas related to the family, including psychologists and emotional therapists, relationship counselors, family economics counselors, actuaries, private investigators, Accountants and more.

As part of maintaining a high level of service, the attorneys in the department adapt the relevant professionals to each client and client, are in close contact with him, monitor the process and professional treatment, and ensure that the client receives the best service required. In doing so, we guarantee every client a complete professional envelope.

Our Firm Has Extensive Experience in a Variety of Agreements and Legal Documents Related to the Field of Family and Inheritance Law, Including:

  • Divorce agreements
  • Custody and alimony agreements
  • Mediation and conflict resolution within the family
  • Peace agreements and alternatively divorce
  • Financial agreements
  • Publicly known agreements
  • Joint parenting agreements
  • Cohabitation agreements
  • Estate distribution agreement