Professional Negligence of Lawyers

Thanks to the extensive professional experience our firm has gained in its areas of expertise and the in-depth knowledge of the proper standards for conducting legal proceedings and the preliminary examinations that must be performed before conducting real estate transactions or any other financial transactions, our firm specializes in professional malpractice lawsuits filed against lawyers.

The professional negligence cases of lawyers we manage are diverse and include cases of negligence resulting from failure to conduct basic preliminary examinations in real estate transactions, negligent representation during the signing of commercial transactions, failure to refer clients for professional opinions before signing a transaction, representation despite conflicts of interest and more.

Attorneys' professional malpractice cases are not simple to prove and manage and require a high level of knowledge and experience. The lawyers in our firm conduct comprehensive preliminary investigations of any case in which professional malpractice is suspected, to assess the chances of success of the case and prevent further financial expenses.