The Law Firm of Moshiko Malka & Co.

The law firm of Moshiko Malka & Co. was established to provide all its clients with a personal, professional, comprehensive, and optimal service. The best and most comprehensive, while striving for legal and business excellence. The guiding principle of the firm is in providing a comprehensive and complete service to its clients while providing an extensive and professional range of services, all to bring the client to the best result.

The firm takes care of employing leading and professional lawyers in their field who have many years of experience in various areas of law, including real estate law, commercial law in all its forms, and family law.

Over the years, the firm has accumulated successes and victories both in complex cases handled by us in the various courts and in representing our clients in transactions of significant economic scope. We believe that an attorney who provides legal representation in agreements of all kinds must have extensive legal knowledge based on the practice and jurisprudence and therefore, the firm's lawyers deal extensively with representation in courts in various fields and various courts.

Knowledge is power - and we take care to express it in practice and professionalism in every case that is handled in the office. Thanks to many years of experience in diverse real estate transactions and the business and practical understanding of the needs and complexities that every transaction brings, our firm also specialize in a variety of professional malpractice lawsuits by lawyers and ensures the interests of clients harmed by unprofessional and even negligent representation.

All Solutions Under One Roof

Understanding that a client who comes to our firm will almost always need complementary services from other professionals, our firm has developed a comprehensive and wide array of collaborations with top-notch professionals who deal in areas that are tangent to the firm's areas of expertise.

Thus, we work closely with reputable appraisers, leading mortgage advisers, engineers, actuaries, surveyors, accountants, psychiatrists, private investigators, emotional therapists, and more and manage the portfolio according to its needs and clients' needs.

As part of maintaining a high level of service, the firm's lawyers tailor the relevant professionals to every client, are in close contact with them, monitor the process and professional treatment, and ensure that the client receives the best service required.

In doing so, we guarantee every client a complete professional envelope. Lawyers in the firm are far beyond lawyers. From the moment the case is opened in the firm the legal case is managed while operating all the setup necessary for the management of the case in the best and most professional way for the client.

“When we strive to be better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.”

Paulo Coelho

Business and Managerial Professionalism as a Way of Life

Our firm has many years of business and managerial experience, and we accompany a variety of clients, including leading businessmen in the Israeli economy, medium and large companies, and individuals.

Every case that comes to us is examined not only from a legal point of view but also from a broad - general business perspective, which ensures that the optimal results are achieved for every client and in every transaction or case.

The importance of a broad look at every portfolio allows the client to receive the most comprehensive and professional advice and service.

We believe that professionalism is a whole path that must be traversed, and its foundations built on years of experience including professional experience working in other systems.

Lawyer Moshiko Malka, who leads the firm, with rich experience from the high-tech world and the business field, and his business and managerial professionalism is reflected in every case that is conducted in the firm.

The ability to perform precise actions is a cornerstone that characterizes the firm's staff while striving for a quick legal solution, depending on the needs of the case.

Contributing to the Community

The firm was established and is managed by attorney Moshiko Malka, who was born and raised in Dimona and educated on the value of helping others in general and difficult day populations. Therefore, our office is careful to help those who do not reach, without compensation.
The firm occasionally manages pro bono portfolios and maintains social activities for the vulnerable population. Our office visits the various departments at Meir Hospital in Kfar Saba once a year and makes the patients happy through the children of the office workers.
In addition, the ministry takes care of delivering various lectures voluntarily to the elderly population and lectures to children on the prevention of social violence on the Internet.

We will be happy to be at your service.
The staff of the law firm Moshiko Malka & Co.

Our Team

Meet Our Team

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Lawyer and Founder

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Administrative Manager